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Our Success

The heart of what our service provides, and what makes our success rate so high, is good old-fashioned nit picking. We rely on years of experience, metal combs, special magnifiers and a keen eye. We supplement with an effective, environmentally friendly lice shampoo and conditioner for removing lice & their eggs (nits).
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Why Nit Pick?

Why not give your child a chemical “treatment”? Leaving aside the safety of chemical treatments, lice can develop resistance to any pesticides. Numerous recent medical journal articles have found this to be happening quite quickly. The only method lice CANNOT develop resistance to is old-fashioned nit-picking. Our approach is not only safer, it’s far more effective!

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Camp Screenings

Make sure there are no ‘passengers’ tagging along for/from the camp experience. I offer pre- and post-camp screenings for lice that will give you peace of mind when sending your young ones off or bringing them back home after camp.
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